Lavender Spray

Lavender Spray

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Lavender’s soothing energy calms you and can help you sleep. Spray on you, your pillow, bedding and cleaned laundry for a refreshing scent. Helps calm babies and is antiseptic.   Chemical Free.

Made down the road in Mallorytown by Burdock Nettle. 
About Burdock Nettle: Our products are made with organically grown, wild-crafted, and sustainably procured ingredients and are natural and chemical free. All of our ingredients come together to create products that help your family and pets enjoy a natural, healthier lifestyle. Our products are developed and hand-blended in Mallorytown, Ontario where protection and care for the environment and the health of our family and pets is our mission.

Ingredients: Distilled Water with Essential Oil of Lavender

2 sizes: 118ml, 30ml (perfect for purse, backpack, glovebox)

*Does not ship to USA.

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