Solid Black : Face Mask Adult Size

Solid Black : Face Mask Adult Size

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*Non-medical Mask suitable for use in day to day actives where physical distancing may be difficult.

3 layers: Double layer cotton with a built in non-woven third layer that acts as a filter for your additional protection

-Made in Ontario
-Soft, stretchy cotton ear loops (not elastic)

This mask is designed based on a surgical mask.  This means that it fits full on your face: from above your nose to under you chin. The fabric is 'pinched' at the center of the top & bottom. This allows the mask to sit comfortably and not move or slip down when you talk.  We like how these pinches also 'poof' the mask a bit in front and keep it from sitting against your lips, making it more comfortable to talk while wearing.

We've decided to partner with Rebecca of Pomegranate Couture, just down the road in Gananoque. It was a deliberate decision to sell masks made by an independent entrepreneur in our area.  It was equally important to find a supplier who could provide masks that were well made and consistent in size and quality.  Rebecca is an excellent sewest, dedicated to her business and her community. Plus she's an all-round fun & lovely woman we're enjoying working with. 

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