Banded Turquoise Chunk Stud Earrings (medium), Sterling Silver

Banded Turquoise Chunk Stud Earrings (medium), Sterling Silver

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A chunk of Turquoise has been hand-banded with a stripe of Sterling Silver. The minimalist design of these earrings allows you to really show off the Turquoise stone. We love the ocean blue  colour of turquoise.

These earrings are rhodium plated over sterling silver. The rhodium plating helps to prevent tarnishing and is hypoallergenic.

Turquoise is a healing and cleansing stone. It is said to provide strength and protection from harm.

Turquoise (along with Blue Topaz­) is the gemstone for December birthdays.

*Please keep in mind that genuine stones are unique and individual, your exact stone will have it's own unique colouring and flecking.

Approx: 14mm x 5mm

Material: Rhodium plated Sterling Silver .925, Genuine Turquoise

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