• fish feeding merit

    fish feeding merit

    2/11/19 Gaining merit is a fundamental part Buddhism. As it relates to the Buddhist way of life it means: a beneficial and protective force which accumulates as a result of good deeds, acts,...
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  • Bags of Fun

    Bags of Fun

      Many of the bags and purses I carry in the Green Gecko come from this family-owned business in Bangkok.  They have a row of stalls at the market that...
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  • Wow Factor

    Wow Factor

    It’s January and for the 14th January in a row, I hopped on a plane to Bangkok. It’s always a flurry of activity the few weeks before a departure because...
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  • Taking Time to Smell the Flowers

    Taking Time to Smell the Flowers

    2/24/2013 When I'm in Bangkok I try to find a spare hour to wonder around the flower market.  It's about 5 blocks long and 2 blocks wide of shops and...
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  • Fine Dining?

    Fine Dining?

    On arriving in Bangkok I usually have one thing on my mind; some sleep is usually needed after the long trip from Canada; but first, FOOD.  It’s hard to go...
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  • Front Porch Creations

    Front Porch Creations

    3/24/2012 One of the artists whose work I feature called me "You know how I said I'd stop by this week? I just got an order for painted glasses.  How...
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  • Perks & Pains

    Perks & Pains

    I admit it. It's stereotypical. I'm a woman and I love to shop for clothes!In my last post I wrote about shopping at Chatuchuk Market in Bangkok.  For clothes, I visit...
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  • Shop Till You Drop!

    Shop Till You Drop!

    I will likely post more than once about shopping. I spend a lot of time here doing it.  Buying special, unique items for the Green Gecko is how I finance...
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  • Chinese New Year in Bankok

    Chinese New Year in Bankok

    Chinese New Year in Thailand is a fairly big deal, there is a large population of Thai-Chinese.  These hold dear their Chinese culture and traditions.  The New Year for Chinese is a time of...
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